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Top 10 Reasons To Visit The Algarve On A Birdwatching Holiday

What makes the Algarve such a popular destination for a birdwatching holiday?

What makes the Algarve such a popular destination for a birdwatching holiday?

Every year we witness more and more birdwatchers visiting the Algarve on their holiday. Some years ago, locals thought this was a a very strange way to spend a holiday but nowadays we’ve gotten use to visitors with binoculars and even the number of Portuguese birdwatchers is increasing every year.

Portugal’s southernmost region is becoming one of the most popular destinations for a birdwatching holiday in Europe and here is a list of the 10 top reasons why the Algarve is such a popular destination for a birdwatching holiday.

1 – The richest avifauna in Portugal

With over 250 species of birds regularly throughout the year, the Algarve holds the richest avifauna in Portugal. In the Algarve, 95% of all bird species occurring in Portugal are present in the region, in a certain period of the year.

2 – Rarities! Much and many rare species of birds to look for

The Algarve is the region of mainland Portugal where more rarities may be observed annually. The region has the highest occurrence of rare birds from Africa, North America and northern Europe.

3 – Great diversity of landscape to explore

The great outdoors of the Algarve promise you a memorable birdwatching holiday with many landscapes to exploreincluding estuaries, coastal lagoons, reedbeds, dense cork oak forests, mountains, beaches, the open sea, coastal cliffs, farmland, Mediterranean scrub forest and much more.

4 – Promising protected areas to go out

Approximately 40% of the Algarve is protected. This means your outings in the Algarve may include 2 Nature Parks, 1 Nature Reserve, 2 Classified Sites and numerous Natura 2000 sites.

5 – There are 10 Important Bird Areas

IBAS also know as Important Bird Areas are priority areas for bird conversation and the Algarve has 10 important bird sites to visit.

6 – It is only 1 hour from the Alentejo

Only 1 hour drive from the Alentejo, a birdwatching holiday in the Algarve offers you the possibility to observe rare birds in the Alentejo. Local specialties include the Great Bustard, the Black-bellied Sandgrouse or Spanish Imperial Eagle.

7 – A region with a very mild climate

The very mild and pleasant climate of the Algarve offers you the possibility of brilliant outings all year round, meaning you can organize your birding holiday even in winter.

8 – Plenty of accommodation to choose from

There is plenty of accommodation throughout the Algarve to choose from including including hotels, pousadas, cottages, resort hotels and many more.

9 – Good connection of direct flights

To organize your holiday you have a wide choice of direct flights to Faro from several European cities.

10 – Delicious Mediterranean local cuisine

Add to all this friendly people and the delicious food and wine of the Algarve and you have the making of a great birdwatching holiday!

Have a look at the birdwatching tours in the Algarve we have available everyday with departures from Faro.

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