How We Practice Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Travel in the Algarve

Here at Lands, we go to great lengths to ensure our boat tours are sustainable with the lowest possible carbon footprint. If you care about travelling sustainably and want to visit Algarve’s beautiful Ria Formosa, keep reading to learn about our conservation efforts to protect this natural treasure and its wider environment. 

Lands has always provided eco-friendly travel so visitors can enjoy Ria Formosa without having to worry about their carbon footprint. This blog will explain our ethos and how our solar-powered boats work, but if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Why Choose Our Solar-Powered Boats to Explore Ria Formosa?

Instead of choosing motorboats for our tours, we opted for solar-powered boats because of our commitment to sustainable tourism in the Algarve — a promise we have upheld since the company started. 

Given that the company was founded by passionate biologists, this environmentally friendly option reflects our core values of conserving the areas we share with our tour guests and leaving no traces of our visits.

The boats we use are suitable for protected coastal areas like the Ria Formosa Nature Park, where noise, pollution, and stress caused by disturbance are factors that disrupt and devalue the landscape and the well-being of wildlife. 

Lands' Eco-boats in Ria Formosa

How Our Solar-Powered Boats Work

The general features of our boats themselves all contribute to a very low carbon footprint. These solar-powered vessels are quiet and don’t release polluting gases or spill oils.

They move smoothly at a cruise speed of 5 to 6 knots, obtained from two 6Hp electric motors and with energy supplied by batteries powered by solar panels.

Lands uses boats made in Portugal exclusively on all of our Ria Formosa Boat Trips Near Faro. We opted for a local shipbuilding company based in the Algarve that specialized in the development, manufacture, and sale of electro-solar boats certified by the EU. 

Choosing a local company also significantly cuts down on any carbon footprint created when transporting the boats to us. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more environmentally friendly and locally embedded company friendly than Lands.

Sustainable Boats

Our boats do not consume fossil fuels and do not produce greenhouse gases, meaning our tours emit zero fossil fuels and zero CO2 emissions. Their electric motors do not spill oil or generate exhaust fumes, so zero hydrocarbons are released into the water.

Exploring Nature in Quiet

Our boats are almost completely silent — just the murmur of the propellers. Not only is this good for the local wildlife, but it also allows you to enjoy the surrounding environment while having a conversation on board without having to shout over the noise.

Gliding Peacefully Through the Water

Our electric boats are specially designed with hulls and propulsion systems to cause the minimum impact on sensitive ecosystems and marine fauna. We are contributing to a friendly ecosystem of nautical mobility in Ria Formosa by using solar-powered boats.

Our Boats Are Intimate Spaces 

Our boat tours cater to small groups, making for an intimate journey amongst the beautiful scenery. Each of our Ria Formosa Boat Trips caters to between 8 and 10 people to ensure you get the most out of your chosen eco-boat tour.

Which Eco-Boat Tour of Ria Formosa is Right for You?

Now that you are aware of our sustainability goals and the mechanics of the boats we use here at Lands, we’ll help you to decide which boat tour is right for you. Keep reading for a succinct description of each experience and, as always, if you have any questions, do reach out.

A Birdwatching Boat Trip in Ria Formosa

Our Birdwatching Boat Tour of Ria Formosa focuses on the lagoon’s immense roster of birdlife. This 2.5-hour birdwatching boat tour is led by a trained and qualified guide who’ll introduce you to the diverse natural area.  

There are over 200 different species of bird in Ria Formosa and some of the most popular birds include the Grey Heron, the Greater Flamingo, and the White Stork.

Explore and enjoy birdlife and nature on this eco-tour of Ria Formosa and make your visit around Faro a sustainable tourism choice.

Our Classic Eco Boat Tour of Ria Formosa

The Eco-Friendly Boat Tour in the Algarve was the first experience Lands created. It offers the best possible views of and in the lagoon. Embrace tranquillity and glide smoothly along the water, taking in the sights, learning about the incredible biodiversity, and spotting local wildlife.

A Sunset Boat Trip in Ria Formosa

Lastly, our Sunset Boat Trip of Ria Formosa is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy one of the greatest sunsets in the world. Find serenity on the quiet waters of Ria Formosa, gazing out as the sun paints spectacular colours in the sky that reflect across the water.

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