Ria Formosa — The Best Day Trips Near Faro

Discover the best day trips near Faro at Ria Formosa — the beautiful lagoon nature park filled with birdlife. Hike, sail, and kayak. Find out more!

So, you’ve come to the Algarve and you’re looking for some great activities and day trips to fill your time in between a touch of relaxation in the sun! You’re not going to struggle to find worthwhile activities all along the breadth of the Algarve, but as we’re based close to Faro, we’re going to focus this guide on our beautiful little corner of the Algarve. If you’re looking for the best day trips and activities near Faro, look no further!

What is Ria Formosa Natural Park?

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One of the official Seven Natural Wonders of Portugal, Ria Formosa is a lagoon just a short drive from Faro with conservation status due to its natural beauty and the diversity of its wildlife. The tranquil lagoon and surrounding land stretches over 18,000 hectares, running along 60km of the Algarve’s pristine coastline. This is the perfect spot for nature lovers and we have a few recommended day trips and activities for you.

Excursions en Bateau sur la Ria Formosa près de Faro

Visit the lagoon of Ria Formosa and its marshlands with a friendly local guide on this eco-boat tour from Faro.

When you visit the Algarve, the sea is never far from view. After a few days looking out over the beautiful, clear blue water, you’ll want to get out on a boat to explore. This is where our Eco-friendly boat tours near Farocome in! Not only are our boat tour guides all trained biologists who know the area inside and out, they can also provide the tours in English, Portuguese or Spanish.

We have three boat tour options that make for the perfect day out:

Standard Ria Formosa Boat Tour

Découvrez Ria Formosa à bord d'un bateau à énergie solaire au départ de Faro.

Nos Excursion en Bateau Écologique sur la Ria Formosa is perfect for anyone who wants to get out onto the water but doesn’t have very much time to spare. This 45-minute boat trip will take you around what we consider to be the best sights in the lagoon, giving you plenty of background about this beautiful area. It’s worth noting that our boats are completely eco-friendly, solar-powered with electric engines: no fossil fuels, no greenhouse gases, and no hydrocarbons emitted into the water.

Excursion en Bateau d’Observation des Oiseaux sur la Ria Formosa

2h 30m
Learn about the birdlife of Ria Formosa on this Eco-boat tour around Faro.

Nos Excursion en Bateau d’Observation des Oiseaux sur la Ria Formosa is perfect if you have more time to spend and you’re looking for a much more substantial tour of Ria Formosa. Your tour guide will be a fully educated biologist with comprehensive knowledge of the local ecosystem and the incredibly diverse birdlife that lives in the Algarve. With 200+ bird species, you can look forward to seeing greater flamingo, white stork, black-tailed godwits, whimbrels, kentish plovers, spoonbills, and little egrets — to name only a few of our favourites.

Excursion en Bateau au Coucher du Soleil sur la Ria Formosa

Excursion en bateau au coucher du soleil: une visite écologique de la Ria Formosa

Nos Sunset Boat Trip in Ria Formosa is the perfect opportunity to fill your evening with a worthwhile activity. You’ve never seen any sunset quite like this! Head out on the lagoon with your guide, learning about the area and looking out for the native birdlife. Then gaze out as the sun sets over the lagoon while also enjoying views of Faro’s beautiful Old Town before heading back to Faro’s marina.

Other Activities Near Faro

If you’re not completely sold on a boat trip, don’t worry, as we have a few more great Activities and Trips in Ria Formosa. Once again, all our experiences can be offered in English, Portuguese, or Spanish.

Ria Formosa Bird Watching Walking Tour

Un nombre raisonnable de flamants roses est courant lors de notre visite d'observation des oiseaux de Ria Formosa.

If you prefer to go birdwatching on foot and you’re looking for an excellent longer tour, check out our Excursion d’Observation des Oiseaux de la Ria Formosa au départ de Faro. Tour the pine woodlands, saltpans, farmland, and marshlands of Ria Formosa with your expert local guide. Your guide will take you to all the best birdwatching spots in the nature park; many even consider Ria Formosa to offer the best birdwatching opportunities in Portugal — and we certainly don’t disagree!

Walking Tour of Ria Formosa Including Ludo and Quinta do Lago

Our eco-boat tour of Ria Formosa is a chance to learn more about the wildlife of this nature park in the Algarve.

Nos Excursion à Pied dans la Ria Formosa is the perfect way to explore the natural beauty of this stunning natural park with the added wisdom and experience of our trained local guides (all of whom are trained biologists). You will learn about the local bird species, spotting more than a few along the way. And you will walk along the Ludo hiking train and walk to the beautiful Quinta do Lago area.

Kayak dans la Ria Formosa

2h to 2h 30m
Un nombre raisonnable de flamants roses est courant lors de notre visite d'observation des oiseaux de Ria Formosa.

If you want to get out on a more hands-on adventure, then you may like to take our Excursion en Kayak sur la Ria Formosa depuis Faro. This two-hour tour is perfect for couples, families, and other groups looking for a fun day out on the water. This tour also includes a quick kayaking lesson at the start to make sure everyone understands how to do it. Then your experienced instructor will take you through some of the best spots on the whole lagoon. If you’d prefer to explore the lagoon by yourself, we also offer a Kayak Rental Service in Ria Formosa.

Feel Inspired?

That’s all we have time for in this guide. We hope we’ve encouraged a few readers visiting the Algarve to check out the incomparable Ria Formosa Nature Park!

If you have any questions for us, please feel free to get in touch below.

Alternatively, book today! Your next adventure in the Algarve is just a few clicks away!

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