Faro Activities and Trips
Eco-Tours, Kayaking, & More

Faro Activities and Trips

Welcome to Southern Portugal! We would love to show you around our beautiful region with these eco-friendly Faro activities. From walking tours that highlight the local flora and fauna to Ria Formosa kayaking tours that allow you to glide through the waterways quietly and slowly, admiring our unique local ecosystem with style and grace. If you’re looking for ways to experience nature in the Algarve while practicing responsible tourism, our eco-tours ensure you don’t have a negative impact on the local environment. We’re grateful for your help as a responsible tourist!

 You might also like to check out our Ria Formosa Boat Trips, all of which use solar-powered electric boats that we take through Ria Formosa and out of Faro. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about any of our Faro experiences!

Rent a kayak to explore the Algarve's Ria Formosa from Faro

Ria Formosa & Faro Kayak Rental Service

Since 2 Hours, 30 Min
Max People : 10
Rent a kayak around Faro to explore Ria Formosa at your own pace and in your own time. Choose a full-day, half-day or 2.5-hour rental and have great fun in the Algarve.
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Discover Ria Formosa on a guided kayak in the Algarve around Faro.

Ria Formosa Kayaking Tour from Faro, Algarve

2 Hours
Max People : 10
We would love to show you around Faro on a kayak tour of Ria Formosa. Experience the natural beauty of this stunning area in the Algarve on a fantastic family-friendly activity.
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Saltpans of Ria Formosa at sunset, Faro - Algarve

Guided Walking Tour of Ria Formosa around Faro

3 Hours
Max People : 4
Our walking tour of Ria Formosa will take you exploring the natural beauty of this protected area around Faro. Explore Ludo and Quinta do Lago with a local guide and discover a fantastic Nature Park.
Have fun birdwatching on this walking tour of Ria Formosa from Faro, Algarve

Ria Formosa Birdwatching Tour from Faro

3 Hours
Max People : 4
Enjoy a private birdwatching tour in the protected areas of Ludo and Quinta do Lago. Discover the best of the Algarve bird life on this walking tour in Ria Formosa with a local guide.
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