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febrero 2022
Thymus lotocephalus en la Ria Formosa, Faro - Algarve
  A surprisingly hidden gem in the Algarve, the Ria Formosa Natural Park is an area of incredible biodiversity, making it a spot of international natural importance. Not only that but it is often touted as one of the 7 natural wonders of Portugal. With such accolades, you can be sure that the Ria Formosa...
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Ria Formosa ofrece grandes senderos costeros en el Algarve
  Faro is an historic treasure often overlooked by those visiting the Algarve. But to pass it by would be a mistake. Few places have as much cultural and natural beauty to offer side by side. And of all the jewels of Faro, the natural park of Ria Formosa is perhaps the most sparkling.  Here...
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