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Lands is an independent company based in Faro working in the sector of ecotourism in the Algarve.

Founded in 2003, we are one of the first Portuguese local companies of tours and activities specialized in nature-based tourism in the South of Portugal.


At Lands, we value quality and safety and we all share a common goal: promoting what is unique about the Algarve and Ria Formosa, so all tours and activities have a strong interpretive and interactive component.

We are a friendly team that is always here to help and we want our guests to have the best experience during their stay in the Algarve because we strongly believe it’s like these that travel is made all the more enjoyable and worthwhile.

Kayaking in Ria Formosa, Algarve
Bárbara Abelho

Biologist and enthusiastic birdwatcher. Raptor specialist with many years of ornithological field experience.

Leads birdwatching tours and guided walks and loves sharing her knowledge about the nature and wildlife of the Algarve and also its local traditions and heritage.

Manager and field advisor responsible for the design and conception of tours and activities, she’s also active as a birdwatching professional trainer and an educational advisor for tourism technicians specialized on outdoor leisure and nature-based activities. Immersed in the ecotourism profession, additionally an experienced consultant and advisor for nature tourism projects,  ecotourism businesses, environmental protection and educational projects.

David Tomás

Sailing Ria Formosa

Enthusiastic kayaker and a experienced skipper with many years of sailing experience.

David is an experienced kayaking tour leader and a sailing instructor. Started kayaking and sailing at the age of 12 and loves spending time on the water with people new to kayaking or sailing.

With a charming personality, he will share his love for the sea whether you’re out sailing or kayaking.

Very informative tour leader and a great guide, he will make sure to let you know not only about Ria Formosa and its incredible wildlife but also his local insights about Portugal and the highlights of the Algarve.


With over 10 years of field experience in the region, we organize nature tourism activities and tours in the Algarve, particularly in its protected areas with a special focus in the Ria Formosa Nature Park. These tours and activities are available throughout the year with several daily departures.

Nature-tourism activities and tours:

Guided walks
Nature and wildlife tours
Local interest guidance services

Nature-tourism activities and tours:

Sailing boat trips
Sailing courses and classes
Kayak tours
Guided walks

Other available services:

Sailboat rental
Kayak rental and hire


Our team of specialized consultants, advisors, and professional trainers develop also consulting projects in the areas of nature-based tourism, tourism animation, environmental education and nature-based sports.

Environmental and nature-based tourism projects may focus on different areas:

Nature-based tourism licensing projects
Nature-based tourism consulting
Programming and management of activities
Design and edition of educational leaflets, books, guides and manuals
Planning, implementation and carrying out of walkways, routes, and interpretative trails
Environmental education projects and activities
Nature-tourism activities and sports
Environmental workshops and other environmental consulting projects


Our mission is to promote the Algarve and Ria Formosa through our tours and activities which have a strong interpretive and interactive component, seeking to promote what’s unique in Portugal’s southernmost region.

Since its foundation in 2003, Lands committed to the development of sustainable tourism in the region offering our guests unique holiday experiences in the Algarve assuring quality, safety and sensitivity on all our programs.

Over the years, we gained a considerable and profound knowledge we love to pass on to our guests so you can enjoy a unique experience in the Algarve and the stunning Ria Formosa.


Lands – Turismo na Natureza is a fully licensed company with the registration No. 35/2003.

Our tours and activities are certified as nature-based tourism by the Portuguese Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests and we have all the mandatory insurance legislation.

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