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Lands has given specialist tours to visitors in Ria Formosa for almost two decades. Our founder, Bárbara Abelho, is a biologist who envisioned a tour company that not only understood the wildlife, plantlife, and broader ecosystem of Faro’s incredible nature park, but also understood all of the necessary measures to care for it. This is why the tour guides at Lands are also biologists — offering unparalleled expertise about the local ecosystem and capable of answering any and all questions our guests may have.

Sustainability is Key to Everything We Do at Lands

It is simply impossible to live and work in the Algarve without developing an appreciation for the incredible natural environments found here. We believe that Ria Formosa Nature Park is the best and most precious natural ecosystem in the Algarve and we do everything we can to protect it as well as celebrate it. Our ethos of sustainability permeates everything we do, driving us to lower our company’s carbon footprint as much as possible.

Solar Powered Boats

Our choice of solar-powered boats was a natural part of our commitment to sustainable tourism in the Algarve. Instead of choosing motorboats for our tours, we opted for solar-powered boats that do not consume fossil fuels (Zero Fossil Fuel) and do not produce greenhouse gases (Zero CO2 emissions). Their electric motors do not spill oil or generate exhaust fumes (Zero hydrocarbons dumped in the water).

Our boats are also especially quiet; as noise pollution can diminish the quality of life of native species.

The vessels are also smooth as they move across the water. They are specially designed with hulls and propulsion systems to obtain the minimum impact on sensitive ecosystems, as well as marine fauna. The boats sail in perfect harmony with nature, even in protected places like the Ria Formosa lagoon.

Eco-Friendly Boat Tours

Beyond simply using solar-powered boats, our eco-friendly boat tours in Ria Formosa have also been carefully designed to be as gentle on the environment as possible. This is how we like to explore this beautiful area, and we’ve found that more and more tourists are actively looking for eco-friendly ways to experience the Algarve.

Promoting Sustainability Through Education

Lastly, we are advocates of sustainability on our tours, without ever being preachy. We educate our guests about the wonderful flora and fauna of Ria Formosa, and we use our beautiful home to inspire people to promote sustainability wherever they travel in the future. It’s easy to feel passionate about protecting our ecosystems and the environment as a whole when you explore somewhere as special and diverse as Ria Formosa. Take a look at our sustainable boat tours in Ria Formosa and our Faro eco tours to find the perfect activity for you. And we encourage you to reach out if you have any questions about our tours or our sustainability practices.

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