A New Look For Lands, Same Brilliant Eco-Boat Tours

Lands is excited to introduce its fresh and revitalized visual identity. This change is motivated by the desire to improve communication with you, our audience. With over two decades of tourism in Portugal so far, Lands has undergone significant growth and evolution.

We’ve expanded our range of eco-boat tours from Faro, introducing innovative products deeply rooted in our connection with the sea and the beautiful Ria Formosa. In an increasingly competitive market, we strive to stand out and offer unique experiences. Keep reading to discover what’s new.

Lands’ Core Values

Our new visual identity serves as a mirror of Lands’ core values, underscoring our position as a maritime tour operator firmly grounded in three fundamental pillars — all of which honour the Ria Formosa:

Sustainability in Ria Formosa

Ecology remains at the heart of everything we do. This commitment to the environment reflects our desire to preserve the delicate ecosystems we operate in. In running sustainable eco-boat tours in the Ria Formosa, we provide enriching experiences for our guests with minimal impact.

Solar Power in Faro

Embracing solar power as a core element of our operations aligns with our sustainability goals as a forward-thinking, eco-conscious company. By using this sustainable energy source, our boats avoid disrupting the marine environment and life in the Ria Formosa.

Nature Conservation in Faro

We recognize the importance of preserving the natural beauty of Ria Formosa, the environments we explore. Our dedication to nature conservation is a testament to our responsibility towards the planet.

Lands’ New Visual Identity

Our minimalist approach to the new visual language uses bright and cheerful colors. While we maintain the signature green and yellow that have defined our brand’s image for two decades, these colors now resonate with renewed energy.

This design direction has been carefully chosen to attract tourists with a heightened environmental consciousness; individuals who seek leisure experiences that align with their sustainability values.

Our fresh tagline, “Eco Boat Tours,” succinctly encapsulates our core activities — ecological boat tours, whether on our solar-powered Ria Formosa boat tours or in our kayak tours in Faro.

By incorporating English, the universal language of global tourism, we are better equipped to connect with a broader audience, through online platforms or traditional media channels.

Discover the Ria Formosa on an Environmentally Friendly Tour

Lands is proud to welcome visitors to Portugal’s Algarve, where we operate eco-boat tours of the spectacular Ria Formosa. Founded and run by a team of biologists, Lands offers unparalleled expertise on Faro’s nature park and can answer any questions you may have.

Our organization is here to protect and educate visitors to this vital natural habitat. Whether you intend to join us on a private boat tour from Faro or simply wish to discover the Algarve using our travel guides, all of our experiences ensure a fun and eco-friendly adventure.

There is a wealth of wildlife in this verdant natural wonder, which you can discover by reading our guide to birdwatching and walking in the Algarve. If you would like to learn more about the landscape of this complex ecosystem, please read our detailed guide to the flora and fauna of Ria Formosa.

Join Lands on Its New Journey to Ria Formosa

As we unveil our new visual identity, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Lands remains deeply committed to providing unforgettable experiences while upholding our values of sustainability, solar power, and nature conservation.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard our eco-friendly adventures and sharing the magic of the sea with you. Thank you for being a part of our story in Ria Formosa. If you have any questions about the work we do, please feel free to contact our team.

Guests engaging in a guided sunset tour from Faro, admiring the changing colors of the sky over Ria Formosa.

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