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Birdwatching Holiday in the Algarve

Birdwatching in the Algarve Ria Formosa | Lands - Turismo na Natureza

Let us take you on a fantastic birding holiday in the southernmost region of Portugal. The Algarve is one of Portugal’s most interesting regions for birdwatching with over 250 species of birds regularly throughout the year. We promise you a memorable birding holiday in the Algarve filled with good views of raptors, seabirds, shorebirds, ducks, passerines and many others.


If you’re keen on birds this is the ideal program for you. We’ve carefully selected some of the best birding sites in the south of Portugal to show you the most emblematic bird species in the Algarve as well as its’ rarities. The very best of the Algarve bird life.

The duration of your birding holiday may be adjusted according to your preference, adding more sites on the itinerary or reducing the program to 5 days or even a 3-day birding trip in the Algarve.


Located in the southernmost region of Portugal, the Algarve is a region of mild climate that holds a great variety of habitats with several Mediterranean ecosystems that support a great diversity of wildlife.

Approximately 40% of the territory has been designated as Natura 2000 areas, and its grand majority retains other nationally and internationally recognized status with several spots being classified as Special Protection Areas for Birds and Important Bird Areas.

With several sites with a very important ornithological value, the Algarve is one of the country’s most interesting regions for birdwatching. Throughout the year, it has more than 250 species. In the Algarve, 95% of all species occurring in Portugal are present in the region, in a certain period of the year. Additionally, it’s the region where more rarities may be observed annually.

Lands organizes guided tours to some of the best spots for birdwatching in the Algarve such as the Ria Formosa and the Castro Marim Marshes. These are two of the most important wetlands in Portugal. Other areas visited are the Salgados Lagoon also known as Pera Marsh and the Sagres Peninsula and Cape St. Vincent, the main migration bottleneck in Portugal for birds of prey and other soaring birds.

The birding tours were carefully planned to show you the best places for birding in the Algarve, this region most remarkable natural values and of course, a great number of bird species.

The itinerary and program of your birding holiday may be amended according to your preferences or the specific demands of your group, including more and/or fewer sites visited or even other tours and activities such as birdwatching boat trips, pelagic trips offshore or kayak tours.

The duration of your birding holidays may be adjusted according to your preference, adding more sites on the itinerary or reducing the program to 5 days or even a 3-day birding trip in the Algarve.

If you’re a tour operator or a specialized travel agency, please note that we have partnerships with several hotels in the Algarve so accommodation can be recommended and arranged for your birding holidays in the Algarve. Contact us for further information.

Our tours are accompanied by experienced guides with a profound knowledge of bird species, sites visited as well as Algarve’s nature, wildlife, and culture, assuring a high-quality experience. They have the enthusiasm needed to make your birding holiday a wonderfully rewarding experience.

Add to all this a range of varied and beautiful landscapes, rich history, friendly people and delicious food and wine and you have the making of a great birding holiday! Put on your birding hat and have a great time out discovering the best birdwatching spots of the Algarve.

Good to Know / We recommend

  • Bring casual clothing and comfortable footwear. During certain periods of the year, a wind stopper and a waterproof coat are useful if not essential.
  • A rucksack or backpack is recommended to carry a small snack, sunglasses, hat and a good sun cream.
  • A camera is an excellent idea.
  • Remember to bring enough water to avoid dehydration.
  • Avoid disturbing birds and wildlife. Please respect the most sensitive periods of the year. During breeding period avoid disturbance of nests, breeding bird colonies and other sites of dependency.
  • Respect other birdwatchers and be discreet. Be so kind to avoid disturbance of birds that are being observed.
  • Explore nature’s great outdoors. Take only pictures, leave only footprints.
  • Safety comes first, please follow the instructions and recommendations of your guide, especially those relating to safety issues.
  • Trips may be amended due to weather conditions or the physical condition of the participants should our guides deem this advisable.
  • The schedules of departures and arrivals, duration, and itineraries of the activities are subject to change without prior notice due to security determined by weather conditions, winds, tides and/or any other circumstances beyond the control of Lands – Turismo na Natureza, Lda.

About our Birding Tours

  • All tours are accompanied by experienced guides with a profound knowledge of all bird species in the areas visited.
  • The price includes the use of binoculars, telescope, and bird identification guides so that the participants may fully enjoy all the bird species encountered.
  • The main emphasis of these tours is birdwatching, but whilst on tour, we might have opportunities to observe wildflowers, mammals, and other wildlife as well as other aspects of the Algarve’s nature and culture.
  • Tours are amended not only to the participants’ interests but also to their level of birding experience from novice to expert.

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